Arctic Aquarelles

Twelve Piano Meditations to take the listener on a magic journey. Relaxing and reflective, inspired by the Arctic landscape. Available as a CD and downloadable singles

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Inner Landscapes

An enchanting journey through soundscapes of faraway lands, meditative and soothing.

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Terra Incognita

Rich and lilting vocals evoke the spirit of Latin America - tango salons, gauchos, Copacabana. These haunting songs are performed in classical style with voice and piano. Available as a CD and downloadable singles

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Musica Sacra

Be uplifted with these classical arias that have inspired people around the world for centuries. Christel Veraart's interpretation is marvelously clear and powerful...with a mystical air. Available as a CD and downloadable singles

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Polar Suite

A complete stage production of music & dance, envisioned between floating chunks of ice and inspired by the arctic landscape. Parts of "Polar Suite" are featured in an ongoing dance-production in Brazil and premiered last summer in São Paulo.

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Christel Veraart at Museum of Image and Sound – São Paulo

In 2013 began a long-distance music and dance collaboration between Alaskan based composer Christel Veraart and dancers/choreographers Marina Salgado and Bruna Petito in São Paulo, Brazil. This resulted in the creation of Frágil (Des)Conforto, …

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